Northeastern Academy Brooklyn Campus/Excelsior SDA School


                               6.01 -   Clarissa Wickham-Hinds, B.A., M.Ed 
                                            English, Spanish, Religion
                                            Home Room Teacher


                                           Delroy Jackson, B.Ed, M.S
Math, Integrated Algebra, Geometry
                                           Home Room Teachers


Grade 6 has a great group of students!  Check this page for more information about our classes schedule, programs and much more.

The Curriculum guidelines give an overview of what students are expected to know in each subject area to meet these higher standards. Students explore the following areas:
  • BIBLE  
  • LANGUAGE ARTS/English Literature
  • Comprehension, Vocabulary, Writing Conventions, Stucture amd Grammar, Writing Modes/Process and Communication  
  • MATH
  • Computation Estimation, Data Analysis, Probability Statistics, Geometry, Measurement, Numeration, Number Theory, Problem Solving and Reasoning
  • Physical: Electricity, Magnetism
  • Biological: Human Body Systems
  • Earth/Space and Ecology: Geology
  • Health: Drug Effects, Decision Making, Nutrition
  • Scientific Inquiry 
  • Civics: Understanding the Principles of Government, Diversity, Citizenship and Group Participation 
  • GEOGRAPHY: Natural and Artificial Resourses, Maps, globes and the Interdependence of People and their Environment
  • TECHNOLOGY: Hardware, Software, Operating Systems, Microsoft Office, Internet, Email, Keyboarding
  • ART