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Has this student ever had a major illness, serious injury, or disability?
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Has this student ever had psychological evaluation or treatment?
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Has any member of the immediate family been seriously ill or disabled?
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I will be applying for financial assistance through my church:
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Does this student have an unpaid school bill? *
If so, where?
How much is owed?
How did you first learn of NEABC/Excelsior SDA School?
List all schools since kindergarten:
Parent Commitment:
I agree to the conditions, regulations, and policies of NEABC/Excelsior SDA School as published in the school bulletin.  I have studied the finacial information in the current school bulletin and agree to assume the financial responsibility for the applicant. I understand that in addition to the down payment, which is due on registration day, there will be eight more installments charged to the account from October through May.  The balence due each month will be paid promptly.  I understand that this student's account with NEABC/Excelsior SDA School must be paid in full before a diploma or transcripts can be made available.
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